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When I saw this owyhee landscape jasper stone, I imagine that stormy weather of ocean.
In our life, we will have tough time like this ship has been going through.
But storm is always just temporary, after that there will be sunny day.
I hope this necklace will remind you of that.

Setting with solid sterling silver and fine silver bezel.

~Owyhee Jasper~

Owyhee Jasper helps to clear and still the mind. It is a stone that settles the soul and can greatly ease anxiety, nervousness, tension and worry.
This stone works to help the being to communicate within all levels of the self; mind, body and spirit. Owyhee Jasper also supports healthy self-expression and helps the being to find self-confidence.
A stone that can help the being to find 'home' in any place, especially within the self. Owyhee Jasper opens the mind to see the bigger picture and to recognise anything positive, encouraging the being to integrate the finds into daily life.
Owyhee Jasper can shine light even during times when it seems all is stuck in darkness. It is a stone that brings much hope and strength to the present and for the future.


Handcrafted with LOVE

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