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Sugarbush Jewellery



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This kyanite looks like almost little candy!

The stone is setting with recycled fine silver bezel and rest of material are recycled solid sterling silver.

Perfect for everyday wear! 


Green Kyanite is a lovely heart based stone that will bring you into harmony with nature and the world in which you live. 

They are good sleep stones that aid you to understand what your dreams mean and they are also known to enhance lucid dreaming.

Like other colors of Kyanite, they have a high vibration and this aspect makes them beneficial to use for meditation, especially if you are on the Spiritual path.

They have a quite calming energy that aids emotional healing and soothes depression and they have a good action to ease stress and tension.

Their vibration helps to create balance and stability in your life  and their strong higher heart energy helps encourages compassion truth and forgiveness. 

Handcrafted with LOVE

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